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Algar Inc, is a company specializing in New and Used Auto Parts, as well as automotive and metal recycling. The Auto Parts division is engaged in the business of selling used and new auto parts to body shops, car dealers, auto parts dealers and walk in retail customers.

The automotive and metal recycling division purchases junk and wrecked cars from auto parts yards, wreckers and individuals in order to process and recycle. Algar, Inc. offers a “Total Package” concept to all of its customers. The ferrous division’s major products include recycling of steel and iron products, whereas the non-ferrous division recycles copper, aluminum, and brass. Combining the auto parts division with the auto recycling division, Algar, Inc. provides a “One Stop Shop” for its customer base.

7301 Grade Lane
Louisville, KY 40219
Toll Free: 800-342-0713
Phone: 502-368-4040
Mon- Fri: 8am-5pm EST
Saturday Hours
Partss – 8am to 3pm
Scrap – 8am to 12pm