Shapiro Metals

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Shapiro Metals operates on a Transparent Pricing business model. Doing business with Shapiro Metals allows you to budget in advance for scrap metal recycling revenues.

Shapiro Metals’ traders are experts in finding the highest value for you scrap. We have spent generations cultivating relationships with metal consumers around the world, and our global approach to business allows us to find the most profitable end users for your scrap. Because we market your scrap globally, we keep ourselves updated on the most current metal index from the American Metal Market, the London Metal Exchange, and Comex.

We also use our resources and industry expertise to provide our clients with market insight, such as:

  • Weekly ferrous scrap pricing for 18 major markets in US and Canada
  • Weekly non-ferrous pricing for aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, and stainless steel
  • Regional Market Reports- commentary on actual transactions in each of the 18 markets covered
  • Historical pricing database dating back to 1995 for most materials and markets
  • Insightful commentary on market conditions and new developments within the industry

Transparent Pricing allows our customers to:

  • Plan your scrap metal revenue stream in advance
  • Budget accurately for projects subsidized by scrap revenues, such as new construction, research and development, plant improvements, etc.
  • Maximize the dollars you earn from recycled metals

Shapiro Metals is a stable trading partner. We have long-term strategic contracts with scrap metal consumers, both in the United States and throughout Europe and Asia. Based on these contractual relationships, we have a constant demand for scrap metal, which means that we are always in the market.

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