Foss Recycling

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Lagrange/Goldsboro, NC Recycling Company & Salvage Yard

If you’re looking for metal recycling services, come to the LaGrange/Goldsboro recycling company that does it all: Foss! They serve the metal recycling needs of individuals and businesses alike, from junk car pick-ups to monthly container services.

The LaGrange/Goldsboro metal recycling facility is the largest location, with around 50 acres of salvage yard. And with state-of-the-art hauling equipment, no scrap metal load is too big for them to handle!

Whether you’re buying or selling steel, aluminum, copper, tin or another scrap metal, turn to Foss Recycling.

Foss Recycling
7009 Hwy 70 West,
Lagrange, NC 28551
(919) 288-3082


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