Byer Steel Group

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Byer Steel is proud of its commitment to be one professionally managed team that sells steel and associated services the way customers want to buy them.

This customer-focused commitment is part of our company’s cultural DNA, and is what proudly differentiates the Byer Steel family from our competitors.

ONE: Byer Steel is the whole of its parts, leveraging the synergies inherent to a steel mill, distributor, and scrap buyer/seller to offer its customers an integrated solution for their steel and scrap needs.

PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED: Byer Steel’s is committed to being a truly professional workforce. We are a proud equal opportunity employer that seeks diverse employees and ideas to service our customers.

CUSTOMER FOCUSED: All energy at Byer Steel is focused on one singular goal – fulfilling the customer’s needs while simultaneously exceeding their expectations. We exist to serve our customers.

TEAM: Lasting partnerships are formed by constantly working as a team, be it with our customers, vendors, or fellow colleagues.

Byer Steel Corporation
200 West North Bend Road
Cincinnati, OH 45216
(513) 948-0300