Scrap Metal?

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Things you have that you could sell for scrap metal…that you may never even thunk about ;0)…

We all have scrap metal items laying around the house, out in the garage, up in the attic or down in the basement. Heck, you might even be driving around in some lol.

Seriously tho, there are a lot of things that are still comprised of metal. I know its not like it used to be since now everything appears to made of plastic, but may have more money laying around than you think. Here are a few:

Aluminum Rims – thats right, the 80’s are over, time to dig out those aluminum Iroc slots laying in the garage. You are never going to use them, and your mullet will never grow back.

Lead Shot – Some people have boatloads of shotgun and rifle shells laying around. There is lead in them thar casings.

Aluminum Cans – this is a no brainer. Pounding down the booze and soda pop can have at least some rewards other than a beer gut and diabetes.

Aluminum Sheeting – so the wind keeps blowing your old aluminum siding and soffit and guttering off your house. Why fix it when you can sell it?

Your Car – Pintos and Gremlins are out of is that Chevette pal, take those junkers to the scrap metal yard and save the environment and make sum jacksons.

Car Batteries – for God’s sake, get that collection of old leaky batteries out of the garage. They are a hazard, and they are worth some money.

Appliances – time to get the old fridge off the porch, the 9 air conditioners laying in the back yard, and the set of washer and dryer on the back deck. Clean up your unsightly residence and make a few bucks!

This has been a public service announcement from thise crazy yahoos at…share the wealth.


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