How To Sell Your Scrap Metal

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Selling scrap metal is a popular way to rake in some extra cash for vacations, holidays, new purchases, etc. It is also a good way to clean out your garage, basement or attic.

Most people have a bunch of unused metal items sitting around that are literally, only worth their weight in metal.

We often see people putting metal items out for the trash man. To us, it is a waste of recycleable materials and also a loss of a chance of making a few extra bucks.

The most popular (and lucrative) types of metal that are common in most households are aluminum (think soda and beer cans) and copper (copper pipes and wiring).

Now that you are open to the idea of making a few dollars off of your junk metals. Here are a few ideas of some items that have precious metals in them:

copper pipes
copper wires
air conditioners
aluminum cans
washers and dryers

Once you have identified these items, you will need to locate a local scrap metal buyer. Most people are within a few miles of a scrap buyer. There are great resources on the web for locating these buyers, such as

Once you have found a scrap metal buyer, give them a call and see what their current prices are for the metals you have.

Once you decide you are going to load up your metal, make sure you seperate as good as possible. You will want to get the highest prices for each as you can. Sometimes you will have copper pipes that may have solder or joints attached, as this will devalue the price a little.

Load up your scrap, take it to the local scrap yard, have it weighed, and wallah, you will have a nice little pile of cash, or a check to take back home!

Not a bad deal. You clean up your home and make a few bucks in the process. Happy scrappin’!


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