Scrap Copper Tubing Types

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If you are new to scrap metal selling, you may be confused by terms such as #1 copper tubing and #2 copper tubing. Although there usually is not a huge difference between the amount of cash you will recieve from each type, the add-up can be pretty substantial if you are dealing in large quantities. For example, at this moment you could recieve $3.00 for a pound of clean #1 bare copper tubing, where #2 copper tubing would get you $2.70. For a few pounds, that difference does not seem to be a lot. However, if you have 100 pounds, you are talking $30! Here is a quick breakdown:

#1-copper Tubing

#1 copper tubing, is clean and a lot of times almost even shiney. It has no corrosion, no solder on the ends or soldered joints still attached. It has no other sort of joints such as plastic or steel where it may have been converted. It is as advertised, #1 clean copper tubing.



#2 copper tubing is quite the opposite. It is usually all corroded with green and red oxidation. There are soldered joints or solder on the ends. There may be joints still attached, sometimes even brass. It may even be dirty where it does not even look like copper at all. Your scrap yard will surely check this out.

There you have the differences in the two types of scrap copper tubes. You can make some extra money by cutting off any solder you may see. Removing any joints, couplings, elbows, bibs etc. This is usually done when there is a significant amount and it is worth your while.

Happy scrapping… scrap articles.


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