Brown’s Auto Salvage

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Brown’s Auto Salvage has been recycling Vermont for over thirty years and offers the largest used parts selection in the area. Brown’s Auto Salvage began in 1976 as one of the tiniest little salvage yards in the state, but over these last thirty years, things have changed indeed. Our yard has grown considerably and so have all of our operations. We have streamlined the automotive recycling process and gotten it down to a science. From the moment our vehicles enter the yard until the last part is delivered, you can bet that the most up-to-date technologies are being put to use to make sure that we deliver a top quality product for a top quality price, all while keeping our operations as environmentally friendly as possible.

Browns Auto Salvage
170 Depot Terrace
Bomoseen, VT 05732

Toll-Free #: (800) 660-4290
Fax #: (802) 265-4549

Hours: M-F/8-5


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