Amount Of Empty 12 OZ Cans In A Pound

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A curious but very helpful question that is asked a lot by the every day scrap metal collectors.

Although it may vary a can or two, the most accurate count for a common 12 ounce beverage can to yield one pound of scrap-can aluminum is 34 cans.

With today’s rates that would equal approximately 1.5 cents per can.

For those who lack math skills, here is a simple equation to figure out how many cans you would need to make a specific amount of cash:

Take the amount of money you wish to generate and divide it by the current aluminum can scrap rate, then take that number and multiply it by 34 and wala! You will know exactly how many cans you need. Here it is in number form:

If you wish to make $10, and the current scrap rate is 50 cents /lb you would divide $10 by 50 cents, (10 / .50) which of course equals 20. Now take that 20 and multiply it by the number of cans in a pound (34), so it would be 20×34 which equals 680.

So (10/.50 = 20) and then 20×34=680; you would need 680 empty 12 ounce aluminum cans to generate $10.


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