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Any place that deals in scrap metal, salvaged auto parts or metal recycling is welcome to list here. There are 334 scrap yards, junkyards and salvage yards listed in the Junk Metal directory.

UPDATE: We are in the process of greatly expanding our directory listings, adding scrap metal calculators, and providing more information on where to find scrap to sell.

Selling scrap metal is a popular way to make some extra cash for vacations, holidays, new purchases, etc. It is also a good way to clean out your garage, basement or attic.

Most people have a bunch of unused metal items sitting around that are literally, only worth their weight in metal.

We often see people putting metal items out for the trash collector. Not only is this a waste of recycleable materials but is also a lost chance of making some real money.

The most popular (and lucrative) types of metal that are common in most households are aluminum (think soda and beer cans) and copper (copper pipes and wiring).

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